Pre-Arrange & Prepay for Your Funeral

While planning a funeral in advance is something many people prefer not to think about, a little thought now can bring welcome peace of mind in future. Without a funeral plan in place, we see that in many cases the surviving family are left in a state of panic and grief and will telephone the first undertaker they find and then must deal with all sort of details at a time when they would rather not be doing so.

A Prepaid Funeral Plan allows you to decide on the main elements for your funeral arrangements in advance and pay the costs upfront. The funeral is paid for at today’s prices, regardless of how far in the future the service takes place or however much funeral prices may increase. A funeral plan makes your wishes known to your family and saves them from having to make stressful decisions about funeral arrangements.

Pay today at today’s prices

After all it is your funeral

However, much prices increase yours is fully paid

Don’t burden your children

Avoids family arguments

Gives you peace of mind

RWA will help you choose an established Pre-Paid Funeral Plan provider. It is entirely up to you whether you pay in full or pay in instalments. Your money is protected by the Trust fund and is released to the funeral director when required to cover the costs of your funeral. When you think about it, a Funeral Plan is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give your family.

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